Our Philosphy


Our concept is simple, in one word it is "Integrety". We strive to serve all our food with integrity. That starts at the very core basics, what comes from the earth to feed our bodies and soul should be honored and returned to the earth in every way possible. We believe that food comes from the garden to the plate and circles back to the compost. Everything we do, we do it with that circle in mind.

We are blessed to live in a place of abundance like Whistler and Pemberton, where to serve amazing food is easy. But, to serve food that also is produced with a minimal impact on the environment is a serious choice and one that we make every day, regardless of the time and money.

When we created The Venue restaurant we choose to partner with others that share this belief, like Sea to Sky Soils, Ice Cap Organics, Tableau Water and Two Rivers Specialty Meats. Our kitchen is filled with everything we can find that is organic and grown locally. This mindset follows through to the wines we feature. Local vintners, like Hugging Tree, Fort Berens and Tightrope who all follow similar principles.  Even our table water provided by Tableau Water produces no plastic for our restaurant. Everything is fresh, organic, local and served with gratitude for our earth that provided it. 


Our Story

    Ryan and Melissa met over 20 years ago and they were two souls that were destined to be together. They were blessed to not only fall in love with each other but also share a deep love and passion for food. But they also shared an outlook on the world and life that it could be done "better". As Chef Ryan has stated "The path is longer the hard way around but when it's the right way, that is what counts." They have stayed true to their path of doing what they love and making a difference.

Over the years, they have been Chef's for Umberto's, corporate hotels, and other restaurateurs. All of which has shown them how to do it better and differently. They first developed "The Good Life Café" and it grew quickly, leading them into developing the Pemberton Catering Company. The Venue Restaurant was a manifestation of combining amazing food, with stellar wines in an atmosphere that is warm, comfortable and filled with laughter.


Chef Ryan and Melissa Leitch are not a corporation that hammers out "X" number of plates a day, For them it is about preparing amazing food that people love but also the connection they have with each of their customers.  They not only create delicious food but strive to inspire the people that eat it to engage with them about what they are eating. They love their customers to ask them about the food, and how it came to the plate. In the case of Ryan and Melissa sometimes following a different path, doing what you love and sharing your passion pays off. You can tell this in every bite you savor at The Venue!